Ricardo Lopes

Information to Recruiters

Thank you for your interest. As you may imagine, I get a high volume of messages for new job opportunities, but not enough time to consider them all. Also, many are a bad fit or simply too vague to tell.

To filter signal from noise, I've set up rules that all inbound opportunities must follow. Recruiters who ignore those rules are spamming me without having done their homework, so they'll be ignored.

The rules are:

  • Salary range required, to avoid wasted time on unmet salary expectations
  • Matching my experience level only, i.e. senior or leadership
  • Remote only, with flexible schedule

You can find an updated version of my CV and contact me on LinkedIn.

I will try to reply to every contact that follows these rules, even if just to say that I'm not looking for job changes at that moment. That will be my most common answer, as I don't like to switch jobs without a good reason.

Thank you for your understanding!