So many projects, so little time

15th July 2014

Photo by Sergio Monsalve I guess this is quite a frequent rant among many people. There are always so many interesting ideas, so many things to try and hack, but always so little time to actually pursue them. For developers and entrepreneurs it gets worse, as it is not uncommon at all to try to learn […]

What Windows 8 could have been

15th December 2012

This post was supposed to be yet another Windows 8 review but, as I’ve gained experience with the latest Microsoft OS, I saw the potential for something a little more interesting. I’ve been using Windows 8 as the only OS in my main computer since it was officially released by Microsoft, so I might say I have some experience, now, to tell you a thing or two about it that you probably missed in other reviews. I’ve already used Windows, Mac and Linux as my primary OS (and I tend to change it quite frequently), and I find advantages and disadvantages in all of them. I’m pretty “agnostic” in most technology debates, and OSs aren’t an exception, so these thoughts aren’t distorted by fanboy opinions. I didn’t do a simple review not only because the Internet is full of it (really, I’m not even posting any links), but because my continuous usage of this new OS kept bugging me more and more about very specific details. So I’ll skip the typical suspense and just tell you my quick opinion about it, so I can discuss what I see as the most pressing issue: what Windows 8 could have been.

Limpar a feed do Facebook e outras histórias do Sapo Codebits VI

27th November 2012

Decorreu de 15 a 17 de Novembro a sexta edição do Sapo Codebits, um dos eventos de tecnologia mais populares do país. Foi um evento tão imersivo que só passado este tempo é que arranjei tempo no meio de tanto trabalho que atrasou para poder escrever alguma coisa sobre o assunto. Para quem não conhece, o Sapo Codebits é um evento de e para programadores, engenheiros informáticos ou electrotécnicos, ou aficionados de tecnologia no geral. Nesse evento incluem-se actividades como palestras, workshops, exposições de tecnologia e vários concursos, com especial destaque para o já famoso concurso de 48 horas seguidas de programação.

Avoiding the “think outside the box” trap

25th October 2012

These days I’m getting sick and tired of all the “think outside the box” talk. In my area (technology and computers stuff) we have three kinds of young people: those who have yet to wake up for reality (mostly gamers that chose this area because it’s about those machines that can run videogames); those who want to play safe and spend their years being treated as slaves in a low-wage and unfulfilling job; and those that love to “think outside the box”. So what is that thoughtful activity anyway?

How to keep your blog’s visitors flow without even trying (bonus: many unrelated stuff)

20th June 2012

Those who explore this blog a little further than the first post that came up in the Google search may notice that I haven’t posted any new content since the end of January. That’s almost five months ago! It isn’t because I lost interest or run out of content to share. It’s just because recently my Master’s degree has pulled a lot of time and effort from me and I just hadn’t got the chance to update my blog as I’d want to. I would, occasionally, check its visitors statistics, and what I found time after time (including now) was that, despite the lack of new content, visitor rates just wouldn’t decrease. In fact, I believe they’re now higher than by the time I shared my latest post back in January.