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28th July 2011

I must confess one of my favourite hobbies is writing. You probably have already guessed, as I’m currently writing in two different blogs. However, writing long pieces of text at the computer is usually boring and hurts the eyes. It’s boring because there are so many distractions that keep moving your focus away from that task, and because text editors and word processors are usually dull and full of unwanted bloat. It hurts the eyes because it forces you to write black on white, which sends a lot of white light for those long periods of time.

I searched the web for a solution to both those problems, but couldn’t quite find a good result. There are many distraction-free text editors that can hide away the clutter and let you focus on what really matters, but some are impossibly ugly (green on black editors, really?), some are not free and some are just not good enough. Besides, As I use Windows, Linux and Mac OS, I needed a cross-platform solution. Better yet, I needed a solution that didn’t mean transferring files whenever I switched operative systems or computers.

I found no options that fulfilled my needs. And that’s how lim writer came to life. This is its description, found it its About page:

less imore. That is lim writer’s motto.

lim writer is an online distraction-free text editor designed to let you focus on what really matters and boost your productivity.

Because it is an online text editor, you can use it in every computer you need, with any major operating system. That means you don’t need to email yourself or carry a pen around every time you want to work on some text in a different computer. Your texts are stored online for you (and only you) to access them effortlessly anywhere you want.

Because it is designed to hide all possible distractions, it is the perfect tool to achieve maximum productivity. Try it in fullscreen (F11 in most browsers) to get lim writer’s full potential. You can also adjust the text editor area to suit your needs (drag the lower right corner of the text area).

lim writer is completely free for all usage you want. That means that no matter how much you use it, you will never have to pay. Registration is free and takes you around 10 seconds to complete.

lim writer is still in beta stage, which means it’s still in the early stages of its development, with many features yet to implement. However, in the future I hope to add file uploads, email capability and more. I am also interested in knowing what features the users want to see (or change). If you have any feedback, please send me an email (there isn’t a fancy feedback form yet, it’s one of the features that still need to be implemented).

Because I make absolutely no money with lim writer, I am hosting it in a free webserver. That brings some disadvantages, such as the ugly URL (the original one is, but you can also use and slow speeds (some of you might have found by now that I’m not really fond of free webservers). If you would like to see it in a better home, I will happily accept any donations.

If you find lim writer to be actually useful, please give me your feedback and share it with friends (and possibly consider a donation, since I’m not monetizing it).

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