AGDF Final Week: A different month in review

1st March 2014

February has come to an end and, with it, so has my challenge of learning Android game development for a month. In this last week I finally managed to finish this awesome AndEngine tutorial and used the remaining time to try to come up with my own changes on the tutorials code. After having finished […]

AGDF Week 3: AndEngine development at full speed

22nd February 2014

Having finished the third week, my Android Game Development February challenge is now quickly approaching its end. One more week to go. Week 2 was marked by a lot of different problems with AndEngine, the game development engine I was trying to use. This week I found out that apparently, the last problem I described […]

AGDF Week 2: Battling with AndEngine

15th February 2014

The second week of my Android Game Development February challenge is already over. After last week’s success with trying to develop an Android game with a self-implemented minimal framework, this week was targeted at developing with the engine AndEngine. However, things didn’t go as smooth as last time. I first tried to follow this tutorial […]

AGDF Week 1: Looking good, looking forward for more

7th February 2014

Whoa, has it been already one week since I started my Android Game Development February challenge? OK, here’s the recap of the first week. As I told in the challenge’s initial post, I would start by following this tutorial. It took me the entire commute time of this first week, but I was able to […]

Android Game Development February

29th January 2014

Don’t you just hate when you have so many interesting projects on your mind to pursue but not enough time to give them the love they deserve? When I was still finishing my degree it was way too easy to be carried away by all the courses’ workload, the side jobs and everything else in life. Now that I started working abroad and on a different city than the one I live in, the situation didn’t get much better, with long commute times, language courses and other time eaters.