Ricardo Lopes


About me

Hi! I’m Ricardo Lopes, a software developer, tech enthusiast, avid learner, judo black belt and occasional blogger.

I code mostly in Javascript and Ruby, but I’m always trying new languages and tools, typically just for fun. Other interests include generic web development, the Semantic Web and Linked Data, HCI and the occasional completely unrelated side-project. Outside of this field I also enjoy good books, intense sports and having a beer at the pub.

I’m currently working in Braga, Portugal, at Uphold. Needless to say that all opinions and content in this blog are exclusively my own.

Previously I worked as a software developer in fields such as R&D, music curation, intellectual property, telecommunications and online education, in Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. I’ve also co-authored scientific publications with Portuguese and Belgian researchers and worked on volunteer projects in ONGs from Portugal and Poland.

Sharing my learning experiences to help the community is what motivates me to keep blogging. So in this blog you can expect to find mainly tutorials, explanations, recommendations and some random rants.

On social networks I’m mostly active on Twitter, where you can follow me at @ricardoplopes.